Dr Richard H Webb is a professional consultant and Director of StepOut Ltd. He specialises in helping organisations develop their strategies and manage innovation. In this capacity he has worked with a wide variety of organisations (private and public) across four continents. He has particular experience in the health, agriculture and fine chemicals sectors.

He was recently appointed non-Executive Director at Plant Health Care plc, an international provider of naturally based products for the agriculture and horticulture industries. This is a business he has worked closely with for some time, and where he was instrumental in developing the new business strategy and the R&D programme.

In 2011/12 he worked extensively with the UK Department of Health's blood plasma operations. His recommendations were eventually accepted, as may be seen from the recent DoH announcement.

In 2008 he was involved in the drafting of the UK Government’s White Paper on Innovation, and was subsequently engaged by the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills to develop practical methods to help organisations to raise their innovation capability. These were successfully trialled in the private, public and educational sectors, and have been formalised in the ICR methodology.

Richard is also a Research Associate at the London School of Economics. He is particularly interested in applying evolutionary thinking to technological change (how to explore design space), and human institutions (how cultures evolve). He will be participating in the forthcoming Second International GROE Workshop "Institutions & Economic Change" at the University of Hertford.



Innovation Capability - the ability to evolve

Innovation is a robust adaptability that organisations can deploy repeatably in pursuit of opportunity, but only if they have a full suite of capabilities in place and keep them well tuned. Contact online@stepout.biz for more details.